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Spunta potatoes


Potato is the most important food crop of the world. For vegetable purposes it has become one of the most popular crops in Egypt. Potatoes are an economical food; they provide a source of low cost energy to the human diet. Potatoes are a rich source of starch, vitamins especially C and B1 and minerals. They contain 20.6 per cent carbohydrates, 2.1 per cent protein, 0.3 per cent fat, 1.1 per cent crude fiber and 0.9 per cent ash. They also contain a good amount of essential amino acids like leucine, tryptophan and isoleucine etc.

Potatoes are used for several industrial purposes such as for the production of starch and alcohol. Potato starch (farina) is used in laundries and for sizing yarn in textile mills. Potatoes are also used for the production of dextrin and glucose. As a food product itself, potatoes are converted into dried products such as ‘potatochips’, ‘sliced’ or ‘shredded potatoes’.

Al Masry Group Europe Imports high quality of potatoes as we uses fertilizers with high quality.Presence of curvature used to provide clean and healthy potatoes free from diseases and corruption.

Sizes (Diameters):

Spunta: 40-60 mm

Packing :

25 Kg & 10 Kg in Propylene (PP) bags, palletized.

Avilability :

            From January to June.


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