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Al Masry Group Europe is a trading company specialized in " Fast Moving Consumer Goods" (FMCG). To Bridge the gab among the different countries by offering different high quality products.

In 1975 the founder of Al Masry Group MR Ahmed El Masry who start the first company in the group ENGINEERING CENTER FOR PRINTING as factory for graphic arts equipment’s and manufacturing with various range of machines types . for more than 30 year the company was able to export their products to more than 20 countries included some European countries . Starting from 1990 the second company in the Group inter the market as a sole agent and distributors for most famous names for internarial machine’s producers and material’s suppliers in printing industry through ENGINEERING CENTER FOR IMP&EXP the new company was able to gain quickly the trust for their clients among the years . Over the decades, we have established ourselves with an impressive reputation and confidence with our customers, hence having more than 40% of the market share of the cliental base in our territories & more than 30% market share for Government Customers. And have privilege to say, that `most of the major Printing Presses, Newspaper agencies & Advertising Companies in our account’. Besides dealing in all types of new machines, we hold a large share of the sales for this region for Used & Re-conditioned Machines also, comprising of various configurations of Offset press, Finishing machinery and other print related equipment’s. Also, we trade- in used machines from our customers, which we sell to various countries In 2010 Al Masry Group decided to increase their business portfolio with printing and packaging services and they decided to invest in new factory under the name of MODERN PRINT SHOP , the factory succeeded to be one of biggest player in market of food packaging industry in very short period . By end 2015 the group expansion extended to establish their central Europe office in Bucharest- Romania under the name Al Masry Group Europe SRL to manage the relation between their group companies and Europe and to be a working point to cover the relationship between our European partners and Al Masry Group companies. Al Masry Group Europe extend their business to cover trading activities between Egypt and Europe for many different potential products included textile and medical business and grains . by 2016 Al MasryGroup invest for their new factory in Arad Romania for packaging services as producer for carton packaging under PRIMAKARTA brand which owned by ALMASRY Group . The total employee for Al MasyGroup included international offices and factory is 450 person included engineers, management stuff and technician. Al Masry Group working hard and harder to develop itself fast according to the world and local market needs and demands the company succeeded to position itself as reliable business partner for their clients and suppliers as well over many years . The group know is still running under supervision for it’s founder Mr Ahmed El Masry and El Masry junior Mr islam El Masry the General Manager and Mr Marwan El Masry the managing director

We are proud to represent number of the most important manufacturing entities by making their products available within the European market.

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